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The Internet encompasses a wide range of facilities that can prove daunting to the uninitiated. We can help you find your way through the technical maze and below is a brief description of how we can help you with the main areas of the Internet.

the Internet - Internet Consulting ensures that you obtain the best possible Internet connectivity package (not necessarily the cheapest). From stand-alone dial-up to leased line or ADSL connection we ensure that you maximise the benefits available from the Internet technology.

The choice of an ISP - is critical to an effective Internet strategy. We also enable you to stay abreast of the latest developments in a fast moving world of technological change.

email - the transmission of data and control of information is the lifeblood of a successful business. We guide you in the use of both internal and external electronic mail distribution.

e-business - Using the Internet to offer more efficient service to your customers by giving them access to relevant and up to date information. Create private areas for customers and offer Forum services for customers and employees.

e-commerce - Transactions using credit card data generally associated with purchasing products and services online.

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) - this facility, for access and exchange of data files, is a sometimes neglected but very important communication tool available with Internet technology. Internet Consulting will ensure that you take advantage of ftp and all aspects of the new technology. Knowledge of FTP is also essential in order to publish pages to the world wide web.

world wide web - this is the public heart of the Internet, offering your products and services a global forum. The world wide web is also the world's greatest repository of information and access to a wide range services and products.  We can offer you a web hosting service for your website together with an accompanying e-mail service with full support.

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