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Internet & email policy

This is the most critical part of the new technology, but one that is most often neglected. 

Many companies and organisations allow personnel to use e-mail services without having a firm policy in place. The e-mail message is now widely accepted as a commercial form of communication and is often used to place orders or issue instructions. 

Ask yourself:

"who in my organisation is authorised, or more importantly not authorised, to issue a purchase order or instruction?"

You, as the employer, are responsible for your employees actions

  • Have you thought about libel actions, security, virus infection, etc.?
  • You may have virus protection software or hardware in place but how about floppies and CD's that are brought in by employees and loaded directly on to their desktops. All virus checks are then immediately by-passed !!!.
  • Employees with laptops who connect directly to the office network can bypass security and unwittingly introduce avirus to the network??

Internet Consulting will review (or create) your internet & email policy for further information contact. 

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